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Back in 2005 when I was a graduate student, I became fascinated with the internet economy and began reading every book I could get my hands on regarding the subject. I was inspired to start an internet business of my own.

I discovered that setting up a website and promoting affiliate products was the fastest way to get started with an internet business. I began researching and reading ebooks on the subject to learn as much as I could about it (starting in March 2005).

Over the months, I had little to no success; however, I was determined to succeed. You see, I hated my job at a famous government research lab. I wanted to be desperately free from my job and live the incredible lifestyle so many of the internet marketing ‘gurus’ talk about.

In September 2005, I stumbled upon Google Adwords and PPC Marketing in general. I began to devour every book regarding PPC Affiliate Marketing. Within 4 months, I was able to grow my online business, managing to make $10,000 in profits for the month of December 2005.

On June 15, 2006 I walked away from a $90,000/yr job and entered the “land of the living”, never to work a “day job” again.

Fast forward to April 2007. I’m currently building several companies around the affiliate marketing business model and my business profits are currently $90,000/month… and increasing rapidly.

Performance Marketing Worldwide

Performance Marketing Worldwide (PMW) is an affiliate marketing company whose target is to systematize the creation, and execution of PPC Affiliate Marketing campaigns. The goal of PMW is two-fold:

1) To become a dominate player in the affiliate marketing space; and
2) To improve the reputation of the affiliate marketing industry.

I would like to personally thank everyone for visiting Super Affiliate Mindset and it is my hope that I can help as many people as possible acheive their goals in this exciting profession 🙂

Best Regards,
Amit Mehta

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