Posted by: arniz | December 13, 2008

Distro Business

Distro or clothing outlet in Bandung is very famous and mushrooming in Bandung. They sell clothes, shoes, bags, and other accessories that is different in one distro to another because each distro owner design their product by themself……so each distro has their own uniqueness….This business may be still difficult to be found in another city in Jawa Barat because of the demand of it’s product. If we imagine for a while about Bandung that has so many school and university…..we might think that Distro is very potential business because we can see demand everywhere….that may be one of the reason why there is so many Distro in Bandung….

Although there is so many Distro, but not all of them are wellknown….there are some Distro that have been already wellknown…this can be caused by their product quality, uniqueness, attractive and comfortable store, their advertisements in magazines, or the products worn by celebrities….so the people can see them in television….heeee…..

Hmmm….Do you want to try to open the Distro?
I think that’s interesting too and prospectable…..heeee…. 🙂

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