Posted by: arniz | December 12, 2008

Online Store

Do you have a product or some or many product to be marketed?

If yes… try to market it or sell it or them through internet by opening OnLine sTORe…

you can make a website or even just open blog account…for website you will be charged for about 10$ per month…but it’s free if you use blog….

In my opinion, it’s so interesting when we have an online store..why? because we don’t have to have a store in a land that required much money to build…we just have to send the goods through packet service and all the transaction is very simple just by clicking here…..clicking there….and……finished…heee… 🙂

If you don’t have any store, you can start to make your own blog…may be you will be inspired later after reading or hearing news, looking at other people business, or reading blog, like this blog…heee…..(little promotion)….

May be you will be attracted to open store after you have a beautiful blog…..and it’s very possible if its your own blog itself that gives you inspiration to open a business. The business is not only open the store, but also even just by joining affiliate program….

So just try it then…..heee….may be you want to open the online store first or just blogging first…..However, I think it will be more interesting if we have online store in our blog than just the blog itself….. 😀 So…don’t wait too long…
Let’s start to explore our creativity…. :)..

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